Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our First Christmas with Baby Tyler!

We had a wonderful first Christmas with Tyler. Santa Claus made it to our house and brought Tyler a cute little LeapFrog train that he can either ride on or push himself. He absolutely loves being pushed on it, and throws a fit if you stop. Too bad the handle isn't longer b/c Bill and I are both tall people and running around the kitchen hunched over lap after lap gets hard on the back. He really holds onto the little steering wheel well, except for the time Aunt Jaimie pushed him and he hit the floor with a sound no less disgusting than a slab of meat being dropped. But no worries - he didn't even have a red mark. I didn't really see it when it happened, but Jaimie felt really bad and Tyler was none to happy. It sits so low to the ground, I think he just kinda slid off. Anyway, Santa also brought Tyler an inflatable ball pit that looks like a little helicopter. Santa tried to blow it up with a piece of paper rigged up to my hair dryer, which resulted in me getting a new hair dryer and Santa getting lightheaded after inflating it up the old fashioned way. I suppose he should have delgated the job to an elf, but you know how that goes.

So after opening our presents here at home we went to Tom and Dianne's and had yummy food and received lots of nice things. My sister-in-law Carla made me a really cool lamp out of this old porch post and I totally love it. We hung out for awhile and then went to my Mom and Dad's where we had more yummy food and received more nice things. Poor Jaimie had her tonsils out the week before Christmas, so she was not feeling the best and couldn't talk too much. Tyler hit his head into her face at one point when she picked him up, which was not cool, but now I can say my 10 month old beat up my sister.

We celebrated with my grandparents both before and after Christmas, so it felt like Christmas was extra long this year. Boy, it sure felt stressful this year though. Probably trying to get everything done with a baby around. I was so glad that I took off the week of Christmas, because I don't think I'd have gotten everything done otherwise. And then Bill was sick the two days prior to Christmas with some kind of a virus. So far Tyler and I have not caught it, knock on wood.

I can't believe that it is New Year's Eve already. Seriously - where has 2008 gone?? This year is much better than last year, though. Last year I was completely miserably sick and spent the night on the couch feeling like I surely was going to die. Since I was pregnant, I was pretty much reduced to taking plain Tylenol and since it was a holiday I couldn't call my doctor and see if there was anything else I could do. It sucked.

But, 2008 has been so fun with Tyler. I just can't believe that he'll be a year old in a couple months. Lately he has been cruising around all over the place, and is really good at standing up and pushing around his toys. It is so strange to see him walking like that. He hasn't walked without holding on to anything yet, but I'm sure it's around the corner. You can see the determination. Oh, and he got his third tooth about a week before Christmas. I thought his next one would be one of his front teeth, but instead the tooth NEXT to that came in, so it looks like he has a little snaggle tooth. It is too cute.

The house is coming along. Pretty much all the trusses are up for the roof, so I would think that they will be covering it in soon. All the interior walls are framed, so you can see where everything is. I'm planning on driving by later today to check out the progress from today.

I'll post some pictures of everything soon, but Tyler is getting up and I can't find my cord to my camera.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2009!

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