Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We started the day out at Tom and Dianne's for lunch, and ended up at my parents for dinner. I was very full! Tyler got to eat some real mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and surprisingly, cranberries. The canned jelly kind - I'm not sure that I even like that! I would have though it would have been to tart for him - especially since he has only had jars of bland baby food up to this point - but he gobbled some right down.

It is another closing week, it's only Tuesday, and I'm already exhausted. I have been getting terrible headaches lately. Not migranes, but just bad bad headaches. I'm pretty sure that I'm just letting myself get too stressed out. So I have one right now, and I can't wait until it goes away. I have some prescription headache medicine, but it just makes me feel dizzy when I take it and doesn't really make the headache go away.
Erica, Susie, Brooke and I had a nice girl's night on Friday night. Haven't been up til those hours of the morning voluntarily for quite some time! :-) Brooke, you said that you had never been in a blog before, so now you can cross that one off your list! Thanks for having us over, Erica - it was really fun! :-)

So, I think we should just declare December 1 as official snow day. Do you remember a couple years ago on December 1 when nobody could make it out of their driveways? I do! I remember frantically scrapping ice/brushing snow off my car, trying to get to work. That was the first year I had an AWD car - I thougt I'd be able to make it. I was wrong! I couldn't even get out of the driveway. Well, I honestly didn't think the roads were that bad on Monday, but it seriously took me over an HOUR to get to work! Geesh! I didn't think I'd ever get there, and couldn't believe the number of cars in the ditch...it was like people lost all understanding of how to drive! Personally, I would much rather drive in the snow that in a rain downpour.
Here's some pics:
Tyler on Thanksgiving playing w/ my decorations (looks like he's caught in the act, huh!)

Tyler and me on Thanksgiving
Tyler and Bill on Thanksgiving (love those little teeth!)
All of us
Tyler and cousin Christian playing with toys

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