Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello Sweet Cheeks!

Don't you just love this picture! What a cute little booty!

Tyler has been a busy boy. First he learned the army crawl.
Next he switched over to normal crawling.
Then, he decided to start pulling himself up to standing. At first, he did it al ot on this toy that he has. He is fascinated by the red monkey on the top of it, which spins around and around when the music plays.
He pulled himself up to standing one time awhile back in an attempt to get to my laptop which was on the couch (he loves the laptop), but then he went back to just crawling. Well now he is more interested in standing than crawling. A couple nights ago he was able to go from the couch to the coffee table without falling over, and today for just a few seconds, he stood there all by himself without holding onto anything! And, he has also learned to go from standing to sitting a little more gracefully.
He's become more brave and will venture into other rooms on his own. If he's in the living room with Daddy and I'm in a different room, he'll come looking for me. The other night, I left him with Bill and went to run his bath water, and when I turned around from the tub there was a little face peering in at me with a big old grin from ear to ear. Soooo cute! He loves playing with bubbles.
Since he's all over the place, it isn't surprising that sometimes this has to happen:
Sorry bud! Sometimes you have to be a playpen prisoner for your own safety!
He's been saying da-da-da for awhile, and recently he's been saying ma-ma-ma, which makes me happy of course! But, he still doesn't know what it means when it comes out of his mouth. However, I definitely think he understands more and more of what other people are talking about. For example, he knows where to look when we say kitty-kitty, or what no means - sometimes that gets the tears flowing!
The house is moving along. Bill and I picked out our siding, shingles, and have a pretty good idea on the brick/stone that we want. Framing has begun and is going well. They framed in the basement wall, and are working on the floor joists this week. There is so much to pick out!
Hope that everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving, and that we all take a minute to be thankful for the good things in our lives.

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