Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Hole

We broke ground on our new house on Wednesday, October 22nd. We are very excited that the process has started! Of course, the following two days it rained, so it was a big muddy mess trying to get out there to get some pictures. But, I did it anyway! It sounds like it is going to be a nice week, so hopefully that doesn't change. They'll work on pouring the walls next.

Here is a picture of the hole:

And here is a picture of the walk-out basement side of the hole:

And here's a picture of the muddy mess!

I took Thursday and Friday off work. I am so glad that I saved up my vacation days for after maternity leave instead of taking them along with my leave. So, I got to spend extra time with Tyler this week, and we had fun! Well, we had to get the first dose of his flu shot, so I guess that part wasn't so much fun. But other than that, I got to see some exciting firsts while I was off. On Thursday, he pulled himself up to his knees all by himself on one of his toys. He looked at me with a big happy smile when he did that. And then yesterday he must have figured out that I had my laptop sitting out on the couch. He LOVES the laptop. Loves it. So, he was very determined to get it, and he pulled himself all the way up off the floor to standing in order to reach it. Good job, Tyler!

Tyler has always been a good little eater. Pretty much anything he's offered he gobbles right up with no complaint. Until last night. We fed him turkey tetrazini, and that didn't go over so well. Can't say that I blame him. It didn't look very appetizing in the bowl - it was pretty thick and glumpy, and really didn't smell all that great. Honestly, the whole idea of blended up meat is just nasty to me.


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