Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Pumpkin Time!!

Today we took Tyler on his first pumpkin patch visit. We went to Ackerman Farms in Morton. He probably didn't even realize what was going on, but we got some good pictures!

It was hard to get him to look up, because he was fascinated by the grass and also wanted to put all the pumpkin stems in his mouth...mmmm!
The farm was cute - I had never been to this one before. There were little goats, ponies, peacocks, turkeys, etc. They had a really neat little store as well.
I love Fall!


BrookeM said...

It is about time you got a blog! I guess I don't have one though....I do enjoy reading everyone else's though!

And you guys came to Morton and didn't call me up?!? I'll remember that next time I am in Kingston Mines :) j/k!

Rachel said...

Yay!! So glad you're blogging! I love the pictures of Tyler. Amazing how big he is!

Joy Howse said...

Love the blog and the pictures of your little one. Ijust recently started my blog and now wish i would have started much sooner. So easy to use and show others a glimpse at what's going on in life. happy blogging!!

Joy (from ICAN)