Friday, October 10, 2008

It is a miracle...

Peoria County finally gave us an address for our new house! The miracle occured yesterday. Okay, I'm being sarcastic, not really a miracle...but geesh - if you've ever had to deal with the County, you probably know what I'm talking about. I called two or three months ago to try and get our new address, and I think I was transferred around to or had to call no fewer than 78 individuals. And I was on the phone for at least 40 minutes. And then I was grumpy for the rest of the day. :-) They made it sound like we'd have to come into the courthouse to get it - with the plat map in tow. So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday, I actually got the clerk's office to give it to me over the phone.

So, now when people ask where the new house is going to be, I can quit saying the third bean field on the left, and start giving them an actual address! Yay!

And Mike, our contractor, said that he expects to start on October 20th - only 9 days away! Let's hope it happens!


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! You are supposed to tell us your new address though! :)

can't wait to see your hole in the ground!


Katie Kasper said...

Congrats on the house! Tyler is so cute (as always) in the pics. I love that you have a blog so that I can see the photos!

Rebekah said...

Hi Kristin,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! It's always so fun to "meet" someone new on my blog.

As for my camera (thanks for the compliment on my pictures by the way!) I have a Nikon D50. I've been told they no longer make it but that the Nikon D70 is its equivalent. But I always tell people that the Nikon D40 is great too and doesn't cost quite as much. It gives you the SLR experience which is key to having a little more control over what your pictures look like. Hope that helps!